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The “HOW TO’S” of Cottage Buying


If you are serious about locating that “perfect waterfront getaway” – whether vacant or with a cottage… there are a few specific things we need to know in order to assist you in your search. Most of you have never had a waterfront property before, but even if you have, our list does not change.

Timing: When do you expect to be buying?

Size of Lake you require?  Do you have a boat, how big is it, do you want to spend your day on the water or are you more into canoeing?

How do you want to access your property?  Year round road or private year round road [you pay to plow] OR seasonal road – not plowed nor can it be OR water access – which means you go by boat.

Type of Lake?
Again, think of what you want to do at the cottage … ie. Are you going to sit and read a book in peace and quiet? Do you have all the “toys” and want to play on the water? Do you want a long view or is that not important? Deep water shoreline or shallow entry?

Expectations of a cottage?  Are you handy and therefore something which requires fixing up is okay? Modern or rustic? # of bedrooms and baths

Degree of Privacy?
Do you want to be secluded and not see any neighbours in either direction? It is helpful to know whether you live on a 40’ lot or 1 acre parcel at home – that way we can generally have a better idea of your expectations

We need to know what your maximum budget is. In the Market we are in right now – where there is definitely more demand than there is supply; we need an accurate idea as to the maximum you would spend given to ideal location. If not, you could be closing the doors to possibilities available.

Note: Pricing varies – depending on the size of lake and how you get to it – ie. The bigger the lake and the better the access to it … the higher the price.

Wants vs. Needs?
It is only natural to want as much as you can get … for as little money as possible. However, it is important for us to know what your “have to haves” are vs. “ what your “won’t live withs” are. ie. You must have road access and definitely will not go by boat; or, you must have a marina on your lake and will not buy on any lake without one.

Do you have young children and therefore require a “child friendly” lot or do you prefer a rugged terrain where your cottage will sit higher off the water and the view will potentially be better.

It is important for you to “pick” an area [ie Muskoka, Haliburton, Parry Sound, Peterborough, etc.] very early in your search. Prices differ from each area and you will become very confused if you are “running all over.”

Contact numbers?
Last but not least, we need to be able to find you “quickly” when the “Right Property for YOU” comes up. We Need your email address, cell phone number, residence and office numbers …. And WE will do the rest! Given accurate information from you, we will become your “eyes in the north”. Our job is to get you the information quickly and with as much detail as possible… It is then up to you to react to it. We look forward to working with you on your Search for that appropriate location! I trust this will be of assistance to you. It really is quite simple … provide us with as much of this information as possible and let US do the rest for YOU.

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