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About the Lakes In Our Area

Kawagama Lake – Kawagama Lake is the largest lake in Haliburton County. From Fletcher Bay (northwestern) to the Hollow River (southeastern) it is over 10 miles (16 kilometers) long. There are two marinas, Mountain Trout House and Old Mill Marina, but no other commercialism on the lake. Kawagama Lake runs into Bear Lake at the northeast end. With eight inhabited islands and the Moorelands wilderness camp for underprivileged children, Kawagama is the place to be. During the summer months you’ll be sure to see plenty of loons and ducks, moose, deer, foxes, raccoons and black bears. The lake is great for canoeing, kayaking, boating and swimming. Don’t forget about the fish such as lake trout and bass that you’re sure to catch as well!

There’s always something to do on Kawagama Lake, from the August long weekend fireworks in Marina Bay to the family friendly Regatta at the Moorelands camp.

Kawagama Lake – Deep – Clean
Big Boating, Awesome Canoeing & Great Fishing!!!

Just 5 miles east of Dorset, the dividing line between Muskoka and Haliburton, this lake has become the choice of many who actually started out looking in Muskoka. Ask us to show you why! You won’t be disappointed.

The Dorset Lookout Tower
A popular destination for residents and tourists alike. The views from ground level are spectacular, but wait until you see the view from the top of the fire tower!

Muskoka Cottage Country – LAKE OF BAYS

Lake of Bays is the 4th largest lake in Muskoka at 15 miles long and with over 300 miles of stunning shoreline.

It also has a very active sailing & tennis club, not to mention the exclusive golf course on Bigwin Island. For those golfing enthusiasts, now you can boat to tee off.

Boating enthusiasts love Lake of Bays! You can boat to 3 towns – Dorset, Dwight & Baysville. Boating in to Dorset will offer everything from grocery shopping, hardware store, yogurt shop & bakery, audio & video store, lakeside dining, LCBO, and of course, our Coldwell Banker Real Estate Office.

Throughout the summer there’s always something going on in downtown Dorset, such as the kids fishing derby, weekend craft shows and the July 1st long weekend fireworks on Trading Bay.

For the more ambitious, take a walk to the Dorset Scenic Lookout Tower and enjoy the sights overlooking Lake of Bays and the village.

For the anglers, lake trout, small and large mouth bass can be found throughout the lake.

Only 2 1/2 hours from Toronto, Lake of Bays is the affordable choice in Muskoka.

Muskoka Cottage Country – LAKE OF BAYS

Lake of Bays is the 4th largest lake in Muskoka at 15 miles long and with over 300 miles of stunning shoreline.

Dorset Smaller Lakes – Quiet, quaint and near Algonquin Park. All these things describe our smaller area lakes. One exception would be Paint Lake which is the only open lake in the area giving access into Lake of Bays through the Paint Lake Creek. By its definition, it is a slow yet enjoyable ride navigating the river but still with a sizeable boat. On the other hand, a short portage from Crown Lake or a more ambitious paddle and portage through Bear Lake, Kimball Lake, Rockaway & Dividing Lakes finds one in Algonquin Park. Whatever your pleasure – quiet small lake, great fishing, quieter waters, to a lesser budget, Dorset’s smaller lakes have a lot to offer you and your family. Most of them offer a mix of seasonal road access and water access – which means you get to the property by boat. A few offer limited year round access.

Vacant lots, building lots and more! Sometimes the retreat you need is just the tranquility of space and fresh air.

Ask us about these lakes:
OtterHardwoodCrozierLower FletcherFletcherLivingstoneTroutspawnWolfCrownBearRavenWrenSt. NoraKushogBoshkungHerbDeerHarvey Lake Jr.Long Line

We can give you details on depth, fishing, access and simply a general idea as to their amenities and whether they might or might not fit your specific cottage needs for your family.

Dorset’s own one way bridge spans the channel on Lake of Bays in Dorset. A fabulous little town, home to about 500 year round and home to about 25,000 in the summer months! On one side is the Trading Bay Dining Company Restaurant, Bigwin Boat Museum, The Galley takeout, and on the other is the famous Robinson’s General Store, Northern D’lights frozen yogurt shop and the Colebridge Establishment (Zachary’s Restaurant and ladies boutique)


-More pictures from around Dorset-

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